Welcome to RDDT, a vivoPharm Company

RDDT is now fully owned by vivoPharm, a global company providing integrated preclinical service to GLP compliance for safety and bioanalytical testing. RDDT is based in Melbourne, Australia.

The integration of vivoPharm’s experience and global market position into the RDDT’s operations and strategies extents RDDT’s service portfolia immensily

Since being awarded its GLP compliance status in 2004, RDDT is equipped to execute abroad range of toxicology studies (including genotoxicity, acute to chronic repeat dose studies etc) in various mammalian species in accordance to the appropriate regulatory standards. In addition, custom efficacy studies can be validated and performed to meet your needs. vivoPharm/RDDT partner with MPI Research in Michigan to provide services in monkeys, dogs and non-mammalian species.

RDDT ensures excellent regulatory compliance based on OECD Guidelines in order to deliver the highest quality data to assist clients with their FDA, EMEA, TGA and other regulatory submissions. RDDT Laboratories’ quality system adheres to OECD Guidelines and US FDA 21CFR Part 58 GLP requirements.